What Your Taste in Music Reveals about Your Intelligence

You hear BeyoncĂ©? I’m afraid that could mean you’re stupid.

Whether we find music to be melodious is of course above all a question of taste. That’s all right.

But a person’s musical preferences should be able to reveal more about him – more precisely about his intelligence. This is what one American software programmer claims to have found out.

For the survey, app manufacturer Virgil Griffith compared students’ favourite musicians with their final results. To do this, he first collected the data and then summarised the results in a graphic.

The”Musicthatmakesyoudumb” website allows anyone to check their intelligence. The further to the right an artist is located on the horizontal axis, the more likely his music is consumed by intelligent people.

In a nutshell: Beyoncé worshippers and Lil Wayne lovers tend not to be the brightest, whereas intelligence beasts prefer to be sprinkled by Pink Floyd. And Beethoven, Bob Dylan and U2 are also very popular with the brightest among us.

However, one should look at the test results with a small wink: Because no well-founded scientific connection can be established between IQ and a person’s musical preferences – only on the basis of school results.

Griffith knows that there is no causality: “It’s true. However, in this case a connection is sufficient — the results are provocative.”

Music that makes you dumb

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