The Science of Music and Color in Online Casinos

The Science of Music and Color in Online Casinos

Would you have thought that when you visit your favourite casino you are unconsciously influenced by background music and color choices on the website? The musical and color design of an online casino is not a coincidence, but a science in itself. Psychology and marketing strategies play an essential role in the decision for or against a certain design and sound pattern. Providers are pursuing a clear goal. The customer should feel comfortable and like to play big stakes. For this purpose a conditioning with music takes place, because humans learn to connect certain sounds with certain feelings or events. In the case of online casinos, this means hoping for the big win. According to researchers, the core characteristics of good”gambler music” are the following attributes: quiet, instrumental and even. In contrast, warm colours have a positive effect on sales when it comes to colour design.

Consumer researchers confirm the influence on the purchase decision

Research into the psychology behind the use of factors such as music, colours or smells is what consumer researchers have dedicated themselves to. In experiments with test subjects, the manipulative influence of sounds, lights or perfumes has been proven in several studies. The business psychologist and Professor Walter Becker from the University of Applied Management in Erding summarises the findings in this way:

“Overall, optical, acoustic or olfactory stimuli can trigger certain positive emotions that the potential buyer transmits to the product or store in question, and this naturally increases the likelihood of buying.”

These results can also be easily transferred to the digital world. Although at first glance the background music of an online casino appears very discreet, it is secretly an integral part of the overall concept.

Quiet instrumental music leads to success

Music has the power to evoke certain emotions and associations, both positive and negative. Studies in the field of psychological business and consumer economics have shown, for example, that customers were more inclined to buy expensive wine when sprinkled with soft classical music than when exposed to loud pop music. To ensure that players also feel comfortable in an online casino, those responsible are happy to ensure that the factor”happiness” is switched off and instead a feeling of hope and anticipation is created. The jackpot should always be within reach. To achieve this effect, the use of quiet, unobtrusive instrumental music is particularly recommended. The feeling of security is extremely important when it comes to positively influencing a customer’s game decision. Higher, but always melodic sounds that are not distracted by vocals or voice positions also help. Loud and stressful music, on the other hand, does not contribute to the customer’s well-being.

The choice of colour also has an influence on well-being

Similar to the Chinese harmony of Feng Shui, online casinos have certain colour patterns that have a positive effect on the players’ well-being and consequently also on sales. It has been scientifically proven that warm colours in particular have a stimulating influence on brain activity. Warm colours include all shades between red and yellow, including orange, brown and pink. These sounds evoke a cosy, warm feeling in the observer and also create an atmosphere of closeness, joy and activity. Thus, warm colours contribute to satisfaction when playing. The so-called cold colours, on the other hand, consist primarily of blue and violet tones. Such colour schemes are often found in customer service, FAQs, contact pages or other”business” areas of a casino. These colours convey objectivity and functionality, they appear professional and serious, but also relaxing.

New concept of party poker with a warm color scheme

Partypoker is the best example of how companies adapt their offerings to the psychology of color. In order to offer its customers an even more pleasant gaming experience in the future, the design of the poker tables and lobby has been darkened. This also relieves the eyes, which quickly tire and become strained by bright colors during a longer session. The brand colors have also changed from white-grey-orange to black-orange. These warm colours underline the feeling of being welcome and stimulated. Consumer researchers also found that test subjects stayed longer in rooms that were pleasantly lit. Another reason for staying on a website for as long as possible using the colour selection.

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